Saturday, March 19, 2005

Half a Loaf

The Conservative Party has come out decisively in favour of upholding the traditional definition of marriage by a three-to-one margin. At the same time, the delegates voted 55-45 against bringing forward any abortion legislation.

The former, besides being very good news for social conservatives, just makes good political sense. A clear stance makes it that much harder for the Liberals' media lapdogs to bark about a "hidden agenda" or "homophobic bigotry," unless they would like to paint most Canadians as bigots. (Sadly, the Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal media snobs like nothing more than to look down upon the plebs from their luxury condos.)

The latter, although a disappointment, should be put in perspective. The resolution does not force the party into an unequivocal pro-abortion stance, nor does it prevent private members' legislation from going forth (although that, too, is unlikely for the forseeable future). Moreover, the vigorous debate on the issue and closeness of the vote demonstrates that only the Conservative Party will accept debate on the matter and broach the false "social peace".

As deplorable and disgusting as the current legislative vacuum is, we will probably have more success reviving the debate by tying it to other issues, such as delisting elective medical procedures than by a full-frontal approach.

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