Thursday, March 17, 2005

Sandbox Follies

Those crazy Young Liberals are at it again, folks!

The same people who brought you the puerile and offensive "It's the Charter, Stupid!" buttons and Christmas cards with kissing lesbians to promote their crusade for homosexual "marriage" have presented another reason why political parties should abolish youth wings:

Muzzlegate , with its cheap layout and cheesy Flash animation of Tory MP's flapping their jaws (ha ha ha), belies the intemperate and amateurish efforts of young folk full of piss and vinegar but lacking in judgment and finesse.

The only people who will be convinced by this website are those who already believe that if Stephen Harper walked on water, he'd only do so to hide that he couldn't swim.


alsocanadian said...

A better button would be "It's the stupid charter!"

PR said...

Greg Staples asked a good question: WHy don't the Young Liberals use two ugly fat men kissing rather than two attractive lesbians?