Thursday, April 07, 2005

Horse, Barn Door

Today we'll know if Mr. Justice John Gomery will accept a fait accompli and lift the publication ban. Part of it, anyway, according to CTV :

Watching developments in the capital, CTV Ottawa Bureau Chief Robert Fife said this morning he expects Gomery will only partially lift the publication ban.

"Certain evidence that Jean Brault gave, because it involves his criminal trial, will likely be kept under lock and key," he says.

"But a lot of allegations that he's made about the Liberal party or the people who ran the Liberal party machine in Quebec, we expect, will be released today," Fife told CTV's Canada AM, noting that public reaction to that news could still prove damaging.

I'd like to know how Justice Gomery can separate what concerns Brault and is merely damaging to Brault, as opposed to what concerns Brault and is merely damaging to others. Given the complexity of the Adscam scheme, and Brault's central role in it, almost anything coming out of the Gomery inquiry testimony can be said to fall under the ban, or not.

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Mark said...

The publishing of allegations made against the Liberals, while protecting the witnesses, is exactly what I've contended is possible and should be allowed.

Let's hope it happens.