Monday, April 11, 2005

Paul Martin's Brass

Mr. Dithers may be out of ideas, out of luck, and out of time, but he is certainly not out of brass.

Today the Liberal Party's lawyers will ask the Gomery inquiry to find out whether some dastardly thieves stole the money that the party was planning to steal for itself:

From Campbell Clark of Canada's National Newspaper:

Ottawa — The Liberal Party will call on Mr. Justice John Gomery today to investigate whether large sums of money allegedly paid to well-connected members for government sponsorship contracts ever made it to the party coffers.

As part of a communications strategy to cope with the scandal and distance the party from any Liberals who allegedly took payoffs, officials will offer to help Judge Gomery delve through any party records he needs.

That move is being made as Prime Minister Paul Martin makes his first comments on the scandal since advertising executive Jean Brault's damning testimony last week. Mr. Martin is expected to "acknowledge the outrage" Canadians feel and promise tough action will be taken when the facts are known, Liberal insiders say.

The Liberals are not asking Mr. Justice Gomery to look at the evidence; they want him to find an overwhelming amount of no evidence. The books will be a veritable treasure trove of no evidence of fraud, theft and corruption. A more detailed and accurate compilation of no evidence will never be found anywhere else. Gomery will hopefully report that he has reviewed the no evidence and found that it is, indeed, highly credible no evidence. And those who have profited from the no evidence will be able to sleep at night on their no evidence of ill-gotten gains.

Now if he would just let us have a look at the no evidence to be found in the books of 55555 Inc.

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