Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Garth's Grit

Garth Turner is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I've ever known in my life.

And now he's about to share all of those great attributes for which he is known--modesty, thoughtfulness, loyalty and discretion--with the Liberal caucus.

The Liberals have learned nothing and forgotten nothing from their previous defectors from Conservative ranks. They always pick up the troublemakers and the weakest links and trumpet their new caucus members as proof that the Conservative Party has no room for progressive, tolerant, open-minded thinkers.

And every time, the new Liberal proves to be more of a problem inside their tent than he or she was outside of it.

Let them have Garth Turner. At best, he'll be a temporary distraction from Stephane Dion's disastrously incoherent performance before the Ottawa Citizen editorial board. At worst, he'll be attacking his new boss with the same vigour that he attacked the old boss.

Despite Wajid Khan's problems, I'd still say the Tories got the better end of the trade. And that's saying something.


RepoCreepo said...


And remember it was posted HERE first....

Anonymous said...

You forgot self-absorbed which finds confirmation in todays action. I remember his heart-felt revulsion of everything Liberal. I guess the pending election , even in his "safe" Ontario sit was not assured. Well the essence of power is the ability to sustain it no matter the cost. Garth go read your words of yesterday...todays Liberals are all that and more. I guess you can hold your nose for whats left of your political career. I don't have anything against "crossing the floor" its just when one has a history diametrically opposite to those now he joins it brings into question the motives.....survival!!!!

Neo Conservative said...

Not sure Garth thought this all the way through... think of all the attention he could have focused on himself if he had just defected to Hamas.