Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hello Constable!

The Toronto Police might not be able to anything about gang shootings and home invasions, but they'll have the most colour coordinated offices and uniforms of any police force anywhere:

Toronto police were in the heart of the city's gay village Saturday afternoon hoping to further expand the force's diversity portfolio through one of many recruiting sessions aimed at members of the gay community.

The police service has made efforts to diversify its force by recruiting officers who reflect a variety of ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds found across the city.

Const. Gail Steed from the police employment unit said the information sessions for the gay community are a natural extension of that outreach.

"Our service wants to reflect our diverse communities in the city,'' she said. "We don't ask anybody to tell us their sexual preference, we just strive to get an accurate representation of the city.''

Criminals beware: some cops are going to be very enthusiastic about conducting body cavity strip searches.

Motorists beware: if you're pulled over and asked to blow into something, it better damn well be a breathalyzer.

Source: CTV News

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Anonymous said...

You forgot what the Sergeant said at the end. He said they've had to fire a ton of people because they can't read or whatever. They should just be hiring the cream of the crop.