Friday, February 02, 2007

National Energy Program: Part Deux

Mark Holland has accidentally let slip Stephane Dion's hidden agenda

Perhaps Kyoto began as an honest, if misguided, attempt to deal with the effects of climate change.

Now it's become the trojan horse of the economic dirigistes and the transnational progressive elites.

Can nationalization of the Alberta oil sands to prevent their development be far behind under a Dion government?


Brian Lemon said...

Did you see him try to defend himself on Duffy today against James Rajotte??
In texas they say big hat no cattle.
They split screened and Rajotte looked incredulous. Like WTF is this dude sayin....

Talk about policy by morons on the fly.

Anonymous said...

I heard Holland on Adler and started thinking Civil War.

Anonymous said...

Shutting down the entire Quebec aerospace industry would be a small start followed by the auto industry in Ontario, since that still wouldn't satisfy Kyoto then they could destroy Alberta.

hunter said...

Holland is in big trouble. The Liberals are in even bigger trouble, because they have not denied what Holland said. Guess they are hoping that this will die down over the weekend. We need to get it in the news. So, far, nothing about this in any papers.

john said...

Mark Holland represents the riding of Ajax-Pickering. Waiting for the first reporter to ask him if would support expansion of OPG Pickering Nuclear to help us meet our Kyoto targets. Waiting....

Someone also needs to ask him about Durham Transit. They were on strike for three months and nobody noticed. Memo to Mark: All of your constituents drive to work, drive to school, drive to shop. All. You kinda need to explain to them what Kyoto really means to them. You do want to get re-elected, no?

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh at Jack Layton's interview with Adler , after Jacks usual soapbox rant about pollution and GHG's Adler said good bye and Jack said he was flying by Jet to Manitoba .

Earth to Jack...come in Jack....Airplane jet exhaust spews soot into the air and uses oil for the hydralics , and PETA won't like you because animal Oils are used in some of the gauges for sealed units that can't have crude oil lubricants because of the breakdown over time and narrow temperature ranges.
It's been 3 years now that I still can't get a answer from the clowns on Toronto Council for why we still have the CNE auto-race and Airshow's that spew unfiltered exhausts during our SMOG season of July to September , Joe Mhevic claimed that Toronto has no control over these pollution causing events that private interests Bid on to host them.

Yes Joe , but Toronto does issue the permits to close roads for the races and allow low flying jets to use the sky over the Lakeshore , but you need the tourism money to pay the Health-care costs for smog caused by the events that help pay for Health-care and.........blah blah ,blah blah blah blah.

Alberta Girl said...

If a conservative had said something like this about the auto industry or any industry in central Canada - the Liberals, Bloc and NDP would be screaming, the MSM would have interview after interview with any opposition member they could find, there would be hushed discussion on the nightly news about how this is the death knell for Stephen Harper and the Tories.

A Liberal says it about Alberta and - it is used to lead into stories about how bad Alberta is for the environment.

Blatant Bias.