Saturday, May 07, 2005

Baby Bonus

The Grits have bribed Ontario voters with their own money again with the announcement of the $1.8 billion daycare program.

A national daycare program, as you may know, was top priority in the Liberal party platform in 1993 1997 2000 2004 , well, whenever.

But wait! There's a catch! If those evil, right-wing Tories join hands with the treacherous Bloquistes to defeat the budget, , the deal is off!

How important is this new program to the future of Canada? No less important than medicare itself!

Martin said the agreement-in-principle with Ontario will mean a stronger child-care system, and compared the agreement to those that led to the creation of medicare in Canada.

After spending an hour with day-care workers at a school in Brantford, Ont., later Friday, the prime minister recalled his father's role as Canada's health minister in the 1940s, when hospital insurance was first created.

Martin said he hopes historians will one day recognize the importance of his government's child-care strategy.

"I believe that what is happening in terms of early learning and child care, is that we are building the next generation's medicare," he said.

Next generation's medicare? Great! That means all babies will have to wait for weeks on waiting lists to get their diapers changed and bottles filled while the RCMP bust housewives for promoting private two-tier childcare!

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