Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Guite Gag Lifted?

Hot off the Canadian Press:

The Department of Justice is seeking to lift the publication ban imposed on sponsorship supremo Chuck Guite's EXPLOSIVE! DYNAMITE! BRILLIANT! A MUST SEE! testimony before the Gomery inquiry.

Government lawyer Sylvain Lussier said Tuesday his principal objection to having the ban maintained is based on jurisdictional grounds. He said Quebec Superior Court, where Guite is awaiting trial on fraud charges, has no power to rule on proceedings before Justice John Gomery's federal inquiry.

"It has no jurisdiction to order the commission to lift or not lift a publication ban," said Lussier.

Beyond that, he said, there is a public interest in keeping the Gomery inquiry as open as possible.

"The federal government has continuously stated that it wanted proceedings before the Gomery commission, and the result of the Gomery commission, made public.

"That's the whole point of having an inquiry."

Memo to Mr. Lussier: Except a call from Irwin Cotler ordering you to drop it. Every time a bigwig's testimony comes out, Grit poll numbers tank. The national interest demands no less.

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