Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Poor Little Rich Girl

Every week on The Simple Life , we witness the comical misadventures of a silly spoiled blonde heiress as she stumbles her way through a series of sometimes difficult, often unglamorous jobs.

We've seen her muddling her way through the corporate world as titular head of the family business, cutting ribbons at new plants and handing out cheques at charity fundraisers while Daddy and his handpicked team of executives do the real work.

We cringed even as we laughed while we watched her playing at party leadership contender, as she travelled from coast to coast hemming and hawing about tents and pies while flashing her pearly smile and designer duds.

We shook our heads when we saw her attempts at being just another opposition MP and shadow cabinet critic. It was only a matter of time before she decided that answering constituents' letters and criticizing government policy was just too hard, y'know, like, having to learn about policy and boring stuff?

Now we get to see her in another exciting instalment as cabinet minister. Sure, she'll love getting a nice cushy office and limo back. But we'll get to laugh again when she tries to defend the integrity of her new boss, right after she dumped her old job and boyfriend in public!

Or maybe the voters of Newmarket-Aurora will cancel the series for good.

And maybe Daddy will finally cut off his little princess's allowance.

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