Thursday, May 19, 2005

Poor Little Rich Girl, Continued

If this Globe and Mail article is to be believed, Belinda Stronach left the Conservative caucus because Stephen Harper was a big, bad meanie to her:

OTTAWA -- One of Belinda Stronach's friends says she was driven from the Conservative Party by a loud dressing-down she received from Stephen Harper after she went public last week with her belief that an election should be delayed.

"I'm surprised she put up with it as long as she did," said one of her confidantes, who has talked with her repeatedly since she announced her departure Tuesday.

"The conversation she had with Harper, it was abusive. He yelled, he screamed, he berated her. It was a completely ridiculous situation for any person, particularly a woman, to have to be put in. And I can't imagine anybody in that situation putting up with that kind of nonsense and being expected to sit around in caucus."

The Liberals have bemoaned what they consider to be sexist undertones to the public denunciation Belinda has rightfully received for her act of crass opportunism.

But consider the undertone of her friend's comment: A delicate lady like Belinda shouldn't, couldn't, withstand having a man raise his voice at her.

I wonder if she swooned like a Victorian maiden and had to be revived with smelling salts.

How's that for sexist?

But seriously, folks:

Belinda owes her lot in life to being Daddy's little princess, aided and abetted by equally indulgent father figures doing the hard work for her, whether executives at Magna or senior political operatives.

Stephen Harper might have been the first man in her life who did not treat her like a little princess, who told her to work and obey the rules like everyone else, who did not indulge her every whim.

And so she flounced out of the room, pouting and sulking about how mean and unfair that Mr. Harper was to her.

Along come two other indulgent father figures, in the persons of David Peterson and Paul Martin, to tell her how wonderful and special she really is, and offering her that cute little pony cabinet post she wanted right now!

How else would you expect Daddy's little princess to respond?

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