Sunday, June 05, 2005

Arctic Anglicans Against Amoral Absurdity

The Anglican Diocese of the Arctic, whose adherents are primarily Inuit, has unanimously rejected same-sex marriage as contrary not only to natural law but also to the Inuit way of life.

Ben Arreak, the church's bishop for Nunavik, Que., said their stand will keep out non-conservative views and practices, and instead, Inuit traditional values about relationships between men and women will form the base of their beliefs.

"That's tradition," Bishop Arreak said. "In order to survive, the man and woman have to help each other, for family and for hunting. . . . If you want to have a healthy body, you can only have a relationship man to woman, woman to man."

Living in a society and climate where survival requires genuine hard work and a healthy respect for the realities of nature infuses common sense in a people.

The Inuit are rightly suspicious of the white man's latest social engineering experiment. They've been experimented on too often, to their detriment.

They should be sending missionaries to the heathen peoples of Toronto and Vancouver this time around.

Source: Canada's National Newspaper (and don't you forget it!)

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