Thursday, June 02, 2005

Most Vitriolic Parent

We've all come across the stereotypical "hockey parents" if we've ever had anything to do with minor hockey.

You know the type: the parents who are convinced that their son is the next Wayne Gretzky and spend thousands of dollars pushing him through various teams, tournaments and summer hockey schools. They yell atthe coaches for not giving him enough playing time. They holler at the referees for making a bad call against him. They berate him for not playing up to his superstar potential.

They are the bane of every minor hockey league. More young boys have given up on the sport because of parental pressures than for any other reason, because they take all the fun out of it.

But there's no hockey dad quite as fanatical as Michel Croteau. Three years after his son was denied the MVP trophy in his AAA league, he's still fighting to get it for him.

Read the whole crazy story in the Globe and Mail .

If I were Steven, I'd tell Dad to shut up and get over it already. Life goes on, and no one will care in the long run whether he was MVP that season or not. Better to deal with one's frustrations than to throw a prolonged temper tantrum.

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