Sunday, June 26, 2005

No Pride for Harper

Someone at Broadcast News is miffed that Stephen Harper preferred to spend Sunday afternoon in Toronto with his son than watching the gay pride parade:

Conservative leader Stephen Harper's efforts to improve his image apparently doesn't extend to Canada's gay community.

Despite being in the Toronto-area today, Harper won't be attending the city's Gay Pride Parade.

Harper helped launch Toronto's International Dragon Boat Race Festival yesterday.

But he says he plans on spending time with his son today rather than catching the world-renowned pride parade.

A national law legalizing same-sex marriage could be voted on as early as tomorrow.

How would it improve Harper's image to attend a parade of grotesque displays of sexual exhibitionism? For that matter, how does it help the image of homosexuals?


905 Tory said...

If this is what's going on there, then I think Harper made the right choice. Would Harper or any normal man take his kids to see that?

The Fog is Clearing said...

Exactly. And I think the majority of folk will see it that way - even in Ontario.