Sunday, June 12, 2005

Have APC, Will Travel

Since it appears that the government is in no danger of falling anytime soon, instead of sending troops into harm's way in Sudan, we'll be sending our second-hand armoured personnel carriers instead:

Canada may send 100 old Grizzly armoured personnel carriers to Sudan, CBC TV news reports.

They would be used by the African Union, which has a 7,500-soldier force that is trying to stop Arab militias from killing the local population in the Darfur area.

About 50 Canadian soldiers would go to a neighbouring country with the carriers to teach African soldiers how to drive and maintain them.

But sending the vehicles is not a sure thing because the U.S. State Department has a veto. The Grizzlies contain U.S. equipment, and cannot be sent to a third country without U.S. permission, said CBC reporter James Cudmore.

If the U.S. says "no," Canada might give the African Union money to buy or rent vehicles like the Grizzly.

More evidence, as if more were needed, that our country's vaunted peacekeeping myths have long since worn threadbare. We're now reduced to promising that we might be able to send our second-best military equipment or cash in lieu. Without real assurances, of course, that the African Union will actually spend the money as requested.

What would General Gordon say?

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