Saturday, June 11, 2005

Gurmant Grewal Gone for Good?

Many people think Gurmant Grewal should be an ex-Conservative because of his sting operation against the Grits. His constituents might like to make him an ex-MP. But the government of the day is taking it one step further and wants to make him an ex-Canadian:

Immigration officials refused to divulge Friday whether they are investigating Conservative MP Gurmant Grewal for allegedly faking a business transaction to fulfill his obligations as an investor immigrant when he moved to Canada from Liberia in Western Africa in 1991.

But spokesperson Greg Scott said: "If there is evidence that somebody obtained their citizenship through fraudulent grounds, false representation, knowingly concealing material circumstances, it is something the department takes very seriously."

A former business associate accused the Indian-born MP Wednesday of having bought a small carpet business from him in the city of Vancouver for 50,000 dollars (40,000 US dollars) in April 1993, then taking the money back the next day in a phoney transaction meant to dupe immigration officials.

Then, Air Canada announced it would investigate an incident at the Vancouver airport in which Grewal was overheard asking several passengers if they would carry a package for him on a flight to Ottawa.

Immigration and Citizenship Minister Joseph Volpe hinted at a possible bad outcome for Grewal if the allegations proved to be true, telling reporters Thursday that investor immigrants who failed to meet their conditions "don't usually get to stay" in Canada.

Since 1977, only 50 Canadians have been stripped of their citizenship after investigations showed they had been gained improperly, Greg Scott said.

Our government has never shown this much concern for the gangsters and terrorists who have been renting Canadian citizenship to further their nefarious enterprises, let alone for ordinary illegal immigrants.

For exposing the government's corruption, Grewal is about to get the same treatment usually reserved for old Nazi concentration camp guards.

If Volpe gets Immigration to expel Grewal, he might just hand us an even more potent wedge issue than same-sex marriage in the immigrant communities.

Many new Canadians came here to get away from harassment and persecution for speaking out against their homelands' governments. They didn't come to Canada to get more of the same. If the Liberals can expel an MP, they can expel other immigrants for writing critical letters to the editor.

(Side note: If OLO communications could tell their ass from a hole in the ground, they'd be on this story like this already. Instead, the CBC and Globe will suddenly become champions of strict immigration enforcement.)

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Les Mackenzie said...

He made himself unCanadian when he crossed the Liberals. I can already hear the Liberal apologists.

"If he did something wrong (15 years ago) we should deport him."

Regardless of the statistic of 50 people ever being stripped of citizenship.

gullchasedship said...

Very interesting post. Thanks for that.