Monday, August 14, 2006

Castro Death Watch

Fidel Castro is probably not dead yet. But his epigoni are already shovelling the dirt over him with these carefully-written public statements:

FIDEL CASTRO was seen for the first time since undergoing surgery two weeks ago when the Cuban Government released a series of photographs of the Cuban leader to mark his 80th birthday yesterday.
The President said in an accompanying statement that he felt “very happy”, but the wording of the text gave the impression that he was far less optimistic than his aides that he would return to work.

“To say the objective stability (of my health) has improved considerably is not to invent a lie,” he said in a typically convoluted passage. “(But) to say that the recovery period will last little and that there is no risk would be absolutely incorrect.”

SeƱor Castro, apparently preparing Cubans for a life without him, said that they should remain optimistic while being “ready to face any bad news”. “The country is marching on and will continue marching on perfectly well,” he said.

If Castro were really on the mend, he would have been up and about for his birthday, giving one of his interminable speeches on live TV.

The euphemistic language could not be clearer: the old tyrant is going to push off.

The dictator is always immortal right up until he dies.

Source: London Times


Matt said...

"The dictator is always immortal right up until he dies."

Too true, but it shouldn't be much longer

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