Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hezbaloney Update

When I drew an analogy yesterday between Hezbollah and the Bloc Quebecois, I didn't expect someone to take it up and twist it like this:

Windsor West MP Brian Masse believes Canada should consider dropping Hezbollah from its list of banned terrorist organizations, and compared the group’s political wing to the Bloc Quebecois.

‘’Canadians in Quebec have elected those members,'’ Masse said Monday. ‘’I don’t like it. They’re dedicated to a separate state in Canada. But would we then extract them from the Canadian government?

‘’That’s what someone outside looking in could say. Why don’t you eliminate them? We have to respect the democratic process. Whether we like it or not, they’re democratically elected.'’

I'm not sure if Gilles Duceppe would be flattered or insulted by such a bald comparison to Hezbollah, but there's still a spark of his Marxist revolutionary past in his soul somewhere, and it came out when he marched under the Hezbollah flag at a recent demonstration in Montreal.

If the BQ revives the FLQ and ends up being turned into its political wing, Masse's analogy will be apt. But until that day, it's just another example of the NDP's naivete and wilful blindness about the nature of terrorism and sham democracies in the Middle East.

Source: Blue Blogging Soapbox

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