Saturday, August 26, 2006


In many a courtroom, you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy--and that's just counting the lawyers and the judge.

So naturally you'd find even more of the same among the arraigned, accused and spectators in the courtroom where the man who made Pickton Farms sausage infamous will face his judgment:

They thought they had done their homework and planned for all possibilities when they introduced tough new security measures at the front door of the courthouse where Robert Pickton was on trial for first-degree murder of 26 women.

But the sheriff's office did not anticipate what they would find on belt buckles, in breath-mint containers and on chains around the necks of people going into the courthouse for other trials.

During the first six months of the trial that began Jan. 30, hundreds of people have been pulled aside for trying to bring weapons and drugs into the courthouse. The unanticipated bounty included 2,196 knives, 33 cans of pepper spray and 30 syringes. Officials seized drugs — marijuana, crack cocaine, amphetamines, crystal meth and heroin — on 54 occasions.

They found six items identified as ammunition, explosives and/or gun parts, including one box of ammunition with 50 bullets for a .22-calibre gun.

The weapons came in many guises, including a belt buckle, a pen and a crucifix. The sheriffs found a knife, called a push dagger, in a black square designed to fit in a wallet. They discovered drugs in inconspicuous places, such as cigarette packages and breath-mint containers.

Sounds like people are anxious to finish Pickton off because the courts won't. Let the guard down for half a day and he won't be alive at the end of it.

Source: Globe and Mail

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