Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Three Jeers For Kofi

Even considering who did it, just the fact that it happened warmed my heart upon reading of it:

UN chief Kofi Annan was booed by a crowd chanting pro-Hezbollah slogans on Monday as he toured Beirut’s southern suburbs devastated by Israel’s war against the militant group.

Dozens of men, women and children angrily waved pictures of Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah and shouted ‘Allah, Nasrallah and all of the suburbs’ as the UN secretary general emerged from his car to survey the destruction in the heart of the Haret Hreik area, a Hezbollah stronghold.


One woman, clad in a black chador, laid a portrait of Nasrallah face down on the tinted glass of one of the moving vehicles.

“To hell with the United Nations and Annan,” said Jamil Bashir Al-Abed, 31, a resident of the area whose home was damaged by the Israeli bombardments.

“Let him look at what the UN and the United States have done and at all this destruction,” he added, pointing to flattened building and tons of debris. “This is their work.”

A group of women carrying posters of Nasrallah angrily denounced the United Nations saying the world body was in collusion with Israel.

What an ungrateful bunch. The UN has done more for the Islamist cause, short of actually organizing an invasion of Israel, than any other multilateral organization, and this is the thanks it gets!

More proof that trying to play the "honest broker" only gets people thinking that you're not honest, and probably flat broke.

Source: Dawn.com


Road Hammer said...

Perhaps if he weren't an infidel, he'd have gotten a warmer reception.

Anonymous said...

Hezbollah kills without mercy - and that's just the people who get in the way when they're trying to kill Jews. So Annan should be quite impressed that he was only heckled by his allies in Hezbollahland.