Thursday, August 31, 2006

Win A Date With Ruby Dhalla

If the Conservative Party were to auction off a lunch date with Helena Guergis for a fundraiser, the media would be saturated with condemnatory articles and editorials blasting the party for its sexist attitudes and treating its women like prize cattle.

But since it's Michael Ignatieff's campaign raffling off Ruby Dhalla, the usual commentatrices have fallen silent.

But give credit to Ignatieff for realizing that nothing's better than an attractive woman for raising money: she's up to $3,500 with eight days before the close of bidding.

That's more than all time with all the other MPs in the auction combined.

Would you rather spend less and end up on a golf course with John McCallum instead?


Nav said...

Some members of the PC police are still the Ignatieff campaign for this, though they're probably the people who think there isn't any difference between the Igantieff campaign and the Conservative Party.

Nav said...

That should read "are still attacking the Ignatieff campaign for this".

Anonymous said...

She'd look much better in blue

Anonymous said...

Does SoW know about this? Really... what does this say about women??Will they get a grant to study the effects of a woman being raffled off?...oh is for the LIBS...they will just laugh it off!!You Go Ruby girl!! You are so liberated!!!

SouthernTory said...

You should hear her during question
period. She's been invited to join
our side. I think she looks good in
blue too. She looks good in any colour.