Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Fear Factory

I don't care that David McGuinty came up with the phrase. It's at least an original epithet, unlike "war room":

The expansive and battle-ready Conservative campaign headquarters was opened to journalists for a one-time-only viewing yesterday even as two cabinet ministers denied the party has any desire to go to the polls.

Reporters were permitted to stroll through the 17,000-square-foot war room before being ushered into the adjoining television studio to view the latest attack ad against St├ęphane Dion, which will begin airing today.

"We've taken the big and costly step of opening this facility because [Liberal Leader] St├ęphane Dion has put the country on notice," Environment Minister John Baird said at a heavily scripted news conference. "He's told Canadians he wants to go back to power as soon as possible."

Mr. Baird would not discuss the cost of renting the roomy space on the second floor of a non-descript building in a southeast Ottawa industrial park. But he said the Conservatives will keep it fully equipped and ready for action until voting day, even if that means paying the bills until 2009.

"Fear factory." Take the sting out of the phrase by making it one's own. Manufacturing fear in the hearts of Liberals everywhere.

Source: Globe and Mail


TangoJuliette said...

Typical Liberal crap follows:
Conservative Fear Factory!

Fear Factory? That'd be more someplace like Treblinkla or Auschwitz. Fear. And Death.

I prefer the Liberal reality of: Theiving Troglidytes, The Cabal of the Corruption-inclined Entitlementarians. The Power-Mad AGreedy Grasping Grits.

Don't the Libs and the NDP already something like this on their turf?

Like, Libs have the CBC, The Globe, The Star.

And like, NDP have a place in Ottawa, bought sometime during the past six or so years. The money came from the unions' sheep fleecers, I think.

Tango Juliette

wilson61 said...

Toss up as to who fears the 'factory' the most, Libs or MSM.