Monday, April 02, 2007

Toronto The Good Enough

For some years now, it has been my oft-frustrated goal to break free of Toronto's orbit. Just recently, I finally managed to do it.

Which is why stories such as this no longer raise the same bile within me that they did even a few short months ago, as I no longer anticipate the round of smug self-congratulation that inevitably follows in the Toronto press the next day:

Toronto is the second-best city in Canada to live in, according to a global survey released today.

For the second year in a row, Toronto ranks 15th among cities around the world in overall quality of life, according to the annual review by Mercer Human Resource Consulting, which operates in 40 nations.

Vancouver is the best place to reside in Canada, the survey says, ranking third in the world – just behind the Swiss cities of Zurich and Geneva. Other Canadian cities in the survey were Ottawa at 18th internationally, Montreal at 22nd and Calgary at 24th.

"Generally speaking, Canadian cities did really well," Danielle Bushen, a principal at Mercer in Toronto, told the Star's Joanna Smith.

Toronto's traffic and muggy summers with poor air quality played a role in its ranking. The city placed 21st internationally in the category of health and sanitation.

I have always thought these quality of life surveys to be somewhat suspect in their methodology and criteria: one man's quality of life might be another man's deathly misery.

Perhaps they might be better cast as wish fulfillment surveys, akin to asking people what they might do with their hypothetical lottery jackpots.

Sure, we'd all love April in Paris, but for most of us, it's February in Brampton.

Source: Toronto Star


jeff davidson said...

you've left toronto? best thing i've read all day.

ps. did you take your buddy zanta claus with you?

Loyalist said...


Glad to see you're still striving to outdo Robert McClelland as biggest jackass in the blogosphere.