Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sudden Jihad Syndrome Strikes Montreal?

The Quebecois may not be too fond of Jews either, but gut instinct told me that these two thugs weren't likely to be named Tremblay and Pelletier:

Two Montreal men have been accused of a raft of attacks against the city’s Jewish community, including the firebombing of a Snowdon community centre that police are treating as a hate-related crime.

Omar Bulphred, 21, and Azim Ibragimov, 23, appeared briefly in Quebec Court on Friday to be arraigned on charges stemming from incidents that began last fall. Both were denied bail.

Azim Ibragimov, left, and Omar Bulphred face nine charges each stemming from events that began last fall.

The case is due back in court on Monday, at which time a date could be set for a bail hearing.

In addition to their alleged roles in a rash of firebombings, the two are accused of conspiring to commit kidnapping and armed robbery. But it’s not known who or what their potential victims were.

The Gazette could have told you of how disputes are often handled in certain regions of Russia, but this would have required making some educated assumptions, a little investigative digging, and raising uncomfortable questions about the nature of our peaceable kingdom:

Jeffrey Boro, president of the Canadian Jewish Congress, said he was told by police that the two accused are Muslims of Russian descent who were born in Canada.

“That makes it very disconcerting for those who live here,” he said. “We’re raising people here with such hatred in their hearts for people that they’ve never met or had anything to do with.”

But no doubt their attitudes were formed in their communities and reinforced every day with formal propaganda and casual comment.

The barbarisms of the Caucusus are finding fertile soil in our colder climes.

So much the worse.

Source: Montreal Gazette

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Anonymous said...

Quebec and the french in this country especially in Quebec and Ottawa are all about hate and have been for decades. Just read the quotes from these anti-English, anti-Jewish anti-anything but french bigots. Bill 22, bill 178, bill 101...says it all about the french.
Shortcut to:

Forwarding some authentic, documented statements, in no particular
order, that may be useful to you.

"My roll as Secretary of State of Canada is first and foremost to ensure
that my French compatriots in Canada feel with deep conviction, as I do,
that this is their country and that it reflects their image". "I too
had some difficult years as a politician; I'm still having them, in
fact, because everything we undertake and everything we are doing to
make Canada a French state is part of a venture I have shared for many
years with a number of people". "You know the idea, the challenge, the
ambition of making Canada a French country both inside and outside
Quebec -- an idea some people consider a bit crazy, is something a
little beyond the ordinary
imagination". - Serge Joyal, Secretary of State - Page 2 'ENOUGH' by

"From one ocean to the other, Canada is presenting a bilingual image
that is stronger than ever, while in Quebec, for the first time since
1760, the official language is exclusively French. If one sticks to the
image, not only is Quebec sovereign, but it has succeeded in partially
annexing Canada". - Christian Dufour (1990) - Page 64, Lament for a
Notion by Scott Reid.

"The Canadian community must invest, for the defence and better
appreciation of the French language, as much time, energy, and money as
are required to prevent the country from breaking up" - Pierre Trudeau,
Page 32, "Federalism" (1968) also quoted in Farewell The Peaceful
Kingdom by Joe Armstrong.

" ....Given these facts, should French-speaking people concentrate their
efforts on Quebec. or take the whole of Canada as their base? In my
opinion, they should do both; and for the purpose they could find no
better instrument than federalism", Pierre Trudeau, Page 31 "Federalism"

"The Canadian government is engaged in a task of spreading the French
language across the length and breadth of the country". Jules Lege,

"Canada is going to be a French-speaking nation from coast to coast".
Leo Cadieux, Canadian Ambassador to France, 1973.

"There is no way two ethnic groups in one country can be made equal
before the law....and to say it is possible is to sow the seeds of
Pierre Trudeau, 1966.

"Quebec can make French the only official language in spite of the
Constitution". Pierre Trudeau, 1967.

"There will be no retreat in Quebec on the French language policy".
Brian Mulroney, Dec. 12th, 1986.

"The government of Canada has no right to promote English in Quebec".
Gil Remillard, Minister for Inter-Governmental Affairs, 1988.

"Bilingualism is unthinkable for Quebec". Robert Bourassa, 1988.

"Language legislation is utterly insane and is designed to encourage
bigotry. There is no precedence anywhere for unity being enhanced
through a policy of two official languages". Peter Worthington,
Financial Post, July 1988.

"Anyone with a pea for a brain knows that our Canadian federal
government is today firmly under French Canadian control". J.V. Andrew,
Ret. Lieut. Cmdr.
Navy, in his book 'ENOUGH' (Published 1988)

More quotes-Dion… Do the research yourself, you will be shocked.