Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sudden Death In Afghanistan

Wars must be fought according to plan, but no war ever follows one. Lulls break suddenly into storms and death follows in their wake:

Caked with several layers of dust and fatigued from almost five weeks in the field, the soldiers of Hotel Company took to their vehicles on the afternoon of Easter Sunday knowing a warm shower and a fresh meal were only one task away.

The troops of Hotel Company, 2nd Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment, had been patrolling the Maywand District of northwest Kandahar province since March 6 and Sunday’s task - to escort a convoy of troops and supplies through the desert into Helmand province, as they had done the two previous days before - was to be their last before returning to base for some much-needed rest.

Not only that, but there had been no attacks on police checkpoints during the weeks they were patrolling the Maywand area and their company commander had formed strong and fruitful relationships with local leaders and elders.

Morale would have had to be sky-high.

Then at about 1:30 p.m. a LAV III carrying 10 Canadian soldiers hit an improvised explosive device (IED) that ripped through the back of the armoured carrier, killing six soldiers.

Military leaders said Monday that the bomb was laid at a choke point among a collection of deep irrigation wells - at the only place vehicles would have to drive in order to avoid a major diversion.

A few feet either way, and the bomb doesn't go off. A moment's delay or haste, and many more might have died. The difference between a routine mission and a deadly one often comes down to as little as inches and seconds.

A lesson that has to be learned again with every war: there are no guarantees on the battlefield.

Source: National Post

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Anonymous said...

I only wish Canadians showed the same anger over the loss of life for the 25 Canadian Civilians slaughtered by 19 Muslims on 9/11 .

Are we so Politically Correct that we will deny any Islamic ties to 9/11 and the Al-Qeada training camps in Afghanistan , and where's the outrage over how CBC and CTV report on our Troops positions and tactics so the Taliban can set up a ambush or plant IED's .

As for the gloating over Canada not losing Troops for staying out of Iraq , Chretien DID send our Navy to aid in the Iraq war by Policing the Gulf for escaping Terrorist or smuggled weapons and bombs.
So stop fooling yourself , Canada is a target no matter how many times Chretien said there were no Terrorists in Canada , and today near the Keele St. Subway Station there is a exercise by the Fire Department and Emergency Rescue teams to simulate a London/Madrid style transit bombing.
Too bad Howard Moscoe sat on his hands for 5 years even after knowing 25 Canadians were murdered by terrorist in NY, hundreds of civilians slaughtered in Spain , and the 2005 slaughter in London's Tube and surface routes .