Thursday, April 12, 2007

May Day

The Green Party occupies a curious twilight position in the Canadian political scene: not quite a major party, but much more than a fringe party. Its previous leader, Jim Harris, hit on just the right mix of environmentalism and fiscal responsibility to make the Green Party a safe place to park protest votes for people who want clean air but can't stand hippies.

Elizabeth May is set to undo all of her predecessor's good work, by cozying up to Stephane Dion and cutting a shabby that undercuts her and her party's clean, green image:

Stephane Dion has decided not to run a Liberal candidate against Green Party Leader Elizabeth May in the next federal election.

Dion, who shares May’s environmental idealism, is expected to make the announcement today. In return, sources say May will promise not to run a Green candidate against the Liberal leader and will essentially endorse Dion for prime minister.

The extraordinary back-scratching between two supposedly rival leaders is unheard of in Canadian politics and could generate a backlash within both parties.

Many Greens are already upset with May for lavishly praising Dion’s environmental record and inferring that he’d make a better prime minister than Stephen Harper.

What does May hope to accomplish with this deal? It is by no means certain that Central Nova's Liberal voters will happily follow behind her, however much they may detest Peter MacKay.

If she wins her seat, she does so not on her own merits but as a stooge for Stephane Dion. If she doesn't, she looks doubly foolish for taking the deal, and her leadership will likely be finished.

Worst of all, she confirms the perception that the Green Party isn't ready to become a serious player, and that it's a farm team for left-leaning environmentalist Liberals.

The Green Party built up a lot of credibility by not appearing to be playing politics as usual. Now it's all about to be lost because of May's strange infatuation with Dion.

Source: Toronto Star


Anonymous said...

This is a brillinat move by Dion and a clever move by May.

Dion kills the NDP and knocksout the bloc.
The media will swoon over the May/Makay fight thereby illustrating the similiarities between the conservatives and the greens in their policy especially with repect to fiscal conservatisim
Thereby splitting the right and giving conserevatives a welcome alternative to Harper.

This has so many benifits for Dion.

On the surface we may be lazy and want to think, great another split on the left. but oh no, not at all.

This is Huge.

Fergs said...

How many conservatives do you know that want a "welcome alternative" to Harper? This is going to be a disaster for Dion. How would you feel if you were on the Central Nova Riding Association?

Anonymous said...

I think we'll here from them tomorrow. From whats being reported they'll be there beside him.

Anonymous said...

Sorry perhaps not hardened conservatives, just Joe public whom still quease at the name Harper, Steve Harper
I'm a leader cuz i say so, dont think about it, just beleive me.

Anonymous said...

I think this is beautiful,

I can hear it now at the during the next campaign and the Leader's debate.

Time and time again Mr. Harper hammering away,"The Conservative Party, Canada's only true natioanl party et cetera."

Cameron W said...

I'm enjoying reading the thoughts about this on the blogosphere.

In general I think the conservative circles understand the strategy and significance of this more than the NDP supporters, who would seem to rather just attack than try to understand. Liberals and Greens are discussing this excitedly.

Earlier today I made my own blog post on this development.
It certainly is big news.