Monday, April 16, 2007

Naked Ambition

The mutual exchange of credibility between the Liberals and Greens that has arisen out of last week's deal has reaped yet more rewards in the person of Briony Penn, who left the Greens for the Liberals out of dismay even before the deal went down.
This is Briony Penn in a less formal setting, protesting logging on Saltspring Island in B.C.

This is her timeless quote for Colombo's Canadian Quotations:

"I've got a PhD and no one listens," she declared. "I take my clothes off, and here you all are. So thank you."

No, no, thank you.

The new Red Green show will provide hours of entertainment for political junkies across the land.


hunter said...

Oh, so now the Liberals are stealing all the nudist econuts to run for them? Well at least we know she's a female, one more nut for the Liberals. If that was a Conservative candidate, they would never here the end of it. But Rae, Brison and now this one, bare assed, that's progressive I guess.

hunter said...

Sorry, wrong here, should be hear!

Anonymous said...

A PhD in what? Gee that means you will be a great liberal Pol then...
(real conservative)

Evelyn said...

A PhD in Geology.