Monday, September 04, 2006

Basic Black

Thank God and the Canadian electorate that this woman is merely a third party defence critic and not the defence minister:

Troops are currently engaged in Operation Medusa -- a major offensive in the violent Panjwaii district, to combat insurgents in Taliban strongholds.

NDP Defence Critic Dawn Black argued that focusing on wiping out the Taliban is not helping the Afghanistan people.

"The extension of the mission for another two years in this kind of warfare is not achieving the kind of results that we want to see for the people of Afghanistan," Black told CTV Newsnet.

"It's no a balanced mission. There's nothing happening there in terms of development or diplomacy at this point. And we don't believe that you can make a positive change in the lives of the people in southern Afghanistan by simply bombing and killing (insurgents).

"We understand you need a defensive role to bring peace and increased security, but you must also be doing the development and diplomatic work that leads to an enduring security."

This is a favourite straw man argument of opponents of the Afghanistan mission: that the Allied forces are simply going to kill everyone in sight and leave the survivors to fend for themselves in the rubble. No one has ever claimed that as the sole objective. If it were, it would be highly irresponsible, given the nature of the area and its politics.

Sure, killing the Taliban creates a vacuum, but the point is to fill it before another gang of Islamic terrorists do.

You can't start the Marshall Plan while the Nazis are running Germany.

Source: CTV


Anonymous said...

The NDP loves to excuse away the crimes by poor people because
poverty=crime , but if you want to see the NDPers run for cover just ask them about Svend Robinson .
Chances are they'll blame his $60'000 theft charge on Homophobia and the stress .
Svend,Libby Davies, and a Ontario NDPer converted to homosexuality for their career in Politics ,Svend divorced his wife ,Libby waited until her male partner died , and the Ontario MPP waited until her kids were adults and the hubby was gone to announce she was now a Lesbian.

Anonymous said...

The NDP are morally bankrupt.