Thursday, September 21, 2006

Running Up The Score

If we apply the same logic about "disproportionate response" that was used to condemn the casualty rate in the recent Israel-Hezbollah conflict to the Afghanistan mission, at roughly a 10 to 1 ratio in favour of Israel, what would that make Canada's response in Afghanistan?

More than 1,000 Taliban fighters were killed in the Canadian-led attacks west of Kandahar, NATO supreme allied commander General James Jones said Wednesday.

That body count far exceeds previous estimates for Operation Medusa, the massive military assault launched in early September to drive Taliban fighters from a stronghold in Panjwai district in the province of Kandahar.

Gen. Jones said North Atlantic Treaty Organization forces inflicted a “tactical defeat” on the Taliban, eliminating between one-quarter and one-half of the movement's overall fighting strength.

However, “I don't think they've been totally defeated,” he acknowledged, predicting that the Taliban would return to guerrilla hit-and-run tactics rather than the stand-and-fight battle that resulted in their defeat. Those tactics will “include horrendous attacks on the civilian population, on children,” Gen. Jones said, an apparent reference to the suicide bombing that killed four Canadians and injured a number of children the day after Operation Medusa ended.


But Gen. Jones said even 1,000 Taliban dead may be too low. “It's probably somewhere in the neighbourhood of around 1,000,” he said. “But you can go up 200 or 300. If you said 1,500, it wouldn't surprise me.”

Today, the left obsesses about the deaths of Canadians in Afghanistan, although 36 over four years out of a force of 2,000 (and not the same 2,000 men) would have been considered a merciful visitation even during Korea, to say nothing of the two World Wars.

Tomorrow, they will finally figure out the Taliban-to-Canadian death toll, and start damning our soldiers as bloodthirsty babykillers slaughtering innocents with the reckless abandon of an SS death squad, and demanding that they be turned over to the UN to be tried for war crimes.

Either way, they'll take the Taliban side.

Source: Globe and Mail

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