Friday, September 22, 2006

Indians To Islam?

The enemies of freedom walk boldly throughout freedom's camp these days unmolested.

While Venezuelan tyrant Hugo Chavez hits the streets of Harlem to stir up the locals with class war rhetoric and promises of free heating oil, and Mahmoud Ahmedinejad gets feted at the Hilton Hotel in New York, the hordes of Islam are reaching out to the Indians hoping to cause trouble:

Now will you believe me when I say the kissy-kissy relationship between Indians and radical Islam is more than an hallucination?

Long Plain First Nation has attracted international attention over the last few days.

A team from Al-Jazeera’s soon-to-be launched English television network has been filming a documentary about the experiences of aboriginals in Canadian residential schools. They have chosen Long Plain as a representative example of that experience and spent the last two days visiting with many elders and survivors of the residential school system at the First Nation.

My fave part:

“(Al-Jazeera) wants to shed some light on it, in respect to their own people,” noted the chief, who said not all community members were familiar with the TV network before it expressed interest in visiting the First Nation.

I wonder if they’d change their mind if they discovered Al-Jazeera is a mouthpiece for terrorists and antisemities who like to claim Jews are descended from pigs and apes?

Naw, probably not.

Islamic radicals have been recruiting among black, Hispanic and even white prisoners in the United States through chaplaincy front groups, playing off on their outrage against The Man for keeping them poor and in prison.

Whenever groups such as OCAP or the International Socialists march in Toronto, they usually have Palestinian activists along for the ride, even if the cause they're marching for isn't even tangentially related to the Middle East problem.

If any group in Canada has grievances to turn violent over, it is the Indians. Today the chiefs may just be letting Al-Jazeera cameramen on the reserve; tomorrow, will it be Al-Qaeda?

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