Thursday, September 07, 2006

Oh Say Can You C

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission is now OLG.

I don't know what the trend to dropping names in favour of initials (KFC, RBC, TD) is supposed to reflect, other than some strange marketing notion that people can't remember names or won't buy products and services because the old name isn't "edgy" enough.

But for $6 million, I'm sure that there's some sort of value for money somewhere, if not just for the marketing gurus who dreamt up the idea:

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. is spending as much as $6 million on a rebranding exercise that drops the letter C from the OLGC logo.

In response to questioning from Conservative MPPs at a government committee yesterday, OLG chief executive Duncan Brown revealed the expected cost of the initiative as $4 million to $6 million.

Conservative MPP Laurie Scott said she finds it "suspicious" so much money is being spent on what she views as a largely cosmetic change.

"When it's a $6-million C, a $6-million waste of taxpayer money, we do have some questions," she said.

Brown said the logo is only part of the rebranding exercise that seeks to "harness the capabilities, the skills and the intelligence of the thousands of employees" under a common theme.

"So this is not about dropping a C," Brown said. "This is about creating a brand that will represent trust, integrity and effective gaming operations."

Do you feel any more secure about dropping the rent money in the slots because of this rebranding? Didn't think so. Typical marketing rubbish.

Source: London Free Press


Steve said...

The great thing about acronyms is that it can mean whatever you want it to mean. How about Ontarians Lose at Games?

Anonymous said...

$6 million means nothing to the bureaucrats at OLG. Hey, they're hugely "profitable". They want to put a nice comfy spin on taking people's meagre pay cheques, or worse welfare cheques, and plowing them back into the government's general coffers. Now their goal is to make wasting one's money on gambling "glamourous".

Don't get me started about the LCBO and their Taj Mahal stores and Food and Drink magazine. I wish my dime would be spent on something more worthwhile. I don't need any encouragement to drink booze - I manage it quite nicely without the marketing.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

John Tory is not impressed.