Thursday, September 14, 2006

Choked Up

There's a reason why gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins:

A 32-year-old woman was taken to a London, Ont., hospital after choking during a marshmallow-eating contest at a local fair, the CBC reported on its Web site yesterday.

The woman, whose identity is not known, is in critical condition after collapsing on Tuesday as she walked away from the Chubby Bunny contest -- a competition to see which contestants could stuff the most marshmallows in their mouths.

EMS duty manager Al Hunt told the CBC the woman had no vital signs when paramedics arrived at the fairgrounds. She was revived at the hospital, he said.

Fair manager Dave Taylor said the future of the contest is in question. "It was just an unfortunate incident that happened,"he said. "That contest had been on a few times, but I think we will probably pull the plug on that contest and it won't be continuing on."

What was first prize in the marshmallow eating contest? All the marshmallows you can eat?

Source: National Post

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