Friday, September 29, 2006

Volpemania: Fine Figure

A mere $20,000 fine isn't going to slow down the Joe Volpe juggernaut as it rolls through the cemeteries and preschools of the land, fuelled with pride, resentment and the odd glass of grappa.

No sir!

Joe Volpe should be taken seriously, and not just because he provides comic relief to the Liberal leadership race.

You don't get to his position in the party in Toronto without knowing how to play machine politics and get out the vote.

Volpe's people will turn out to vote, and elect enough delegates to make him kingmaker. And just possibly, enough to vault him past Stephane Dion and Gerard Kennedy for third place and the chance to win it all.

Stand tall, Joe. The Liberal Party needs a man of your stature and integrity at its helm.

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