Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Alexa Bails Out

Syrian Hassan Almrei has spent four years in solitary confinement on a national security certificate in a Toronto jail while the feds figure out whether he's a terrorist threat.

At the heart of the feds' dithering are moral qualms about sending him back to Syria, where he might well face torture under the same suspicions.

Now he's got Alexa McDonough coughing up a C-note from her share of the Shaw Brick fortune along with some other notable leftists to post bond for Almrei.

On the one hand, habeus corpus is one of the fundamental principles in our common law system--and four years in solitary while the government hems and haws is a prima facie violation thereof.

Yet no one wants to take responsibility for letting him go, if he gets caught blowing up a school bus six months later.

And no one wants to carry out the unpleasant but probably only expedient resolution: send him back to Syria so they can deal with their own.

For the gang of lefies who have embraced Almrei's cause, there's no downside. If he's given bond and skips out, they're only out petty cash. If he's let out and does nothing--or more likely, just disappears--they can claim vindication of his innocence. If he isn't released, they've all made a public stand on principle.

And if he's released and turns out to be an active terrorist, they can always find some way to absolve themselves of blame.

Read more about Almrei at World Crisis Web.

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