Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Homegrown Terror

Britons may be surprised to learn that the four men suspected of carrying out the London bombings, although Muslim, were all born and bred in Yorkshire.

They shouldn't, if they remember their recent history.

Totalitarian ideology cuts across borders and ethnicities and finds its supporters everywhere. However, it tends to draw its agents from the ranks of the educated and well-fed.

Despite all the blather about poverty as a root cause of terrorism, the Islamic terrorists have almost, to a man, come from well-off families. The poor are too concerned with feeding and sheltering themselves to play around with political ideologies. And illiterate, monoglot Arabs would be of no use to terrorist groups trying to pull off sophisticated plans in Western cities.

Britain's Communist traitors were, also to a man, native-born Britons, educated at the best schools and holding responsible positions in government. They were at home in the very establishment they were pledged to destroy. The Soviets would have had little use for real workers--Yorkshire steelworkers and Welsh coal miners--who would have been in no position to join the establishment and pass on useful information to the KGB.

If and when a similar terrorist attack takes place in Canada, its culprits will not be poor and uneducated foreigners but native-born or naturalized Canadians, well-educated and middle-class, who have the requisite knowledge of Canadian ways to pass unnoticed in Toronto crowds.

For more information about the London bombing suspects, check out The Sun

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