Friday, July 15, 2005

They Don't Shoot Soldiers, Do They?

Believe it or not, Canadian soldiers run the risk of dying in combat.

You'd be surprised how many people believe otherwise, as it seems that every time our soldiers die on some foreign battlefield, there are always demands to bring them home right away.

The hysterics following the friendly-fire death of four members of the Princess Patricias in Afghanistan highlights this strange idea that our soldiers shouldn't have to risk death, ever.

Which explains why Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Rick Hillier had to break the news gently to the Canadian people about our latest mission to Afghanistan:

Canadians need to prepare psychologically for the strong possibility some of their soldiers will be killed in a new military operation in southern Afghanistan, says the head of the armed forces.

"Is there a probability that we're going to take casualties? Yes, of course," Gen. Rick Hillier said Thursday.

"Can I give you a number of what we're going to take? Absolutely not."

Canada is sending a team of about 250 soldiers, along with Foreign Affairs officials, development workers and Mounties, to Afghanistan's volatile Kandahar province.

One wonders how this country ever got through two world wars.


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