Thursday, July 28, 2005

Parrish the Thought(lessness)

No sooner has Carolyn Parrish hit bottom with her slurs against Gen. Rick Hillier and the Armed Forces than she's begun to dig:

Independent MP Carolyn Parrish lashed out again at the Liberal government yesterday-- this time criticizing Defence Minister Bill Graham for sending combat troops to Afghanistan and Deputy Prime Minister Anne McLellan for making "taunting" remarks about Canadians being potential terrorist targets.

Ms. Parrish is furious that Canadians and their politicians have not been consulted about what she calls the new role Canadian soldiers are being asked to carry out in Afghanistan, a role that includes killing, which is not the traditional job of peacekeeping. She warns there will be outrage when Canadians in uniform return home "in body bags."

Ms. Parrish, who was booted out of the Liberal caucus last year after she criticized the government of U.S. President George W. Bush as "bastards" and "idiots," also said she is interested in returning to the Liberal fold, but only if she receives a personal invitation from the prime minister that has no strings attached.

Meanwhile, the opinionated MP spoke harshly about Canada's new role in Afghanistan.

"We're sending in armed troops to kill people (in Afghanistan). This is a drastic change in direction. I don't think anybody has consulted with the Canadian public. The first time Canadian soldiers come back in body bags, you just wait for the outcry," said Ms. Parrish, who was elected as a Liberal in 1993 but has been sitting in the backbenches as an independent MP since last year.

"If this thing gets any deeper in (Afghanistan) and we get a couple of dead Canadians back, I'll vote to bring the government down the first opportunity I got."

Ms. Parrish helped prop up the fragile minority government when she voted with the Liberals on a number of confidence votes, including the budget and same-sex marriage legislation. Since then, some of her colleagues have been speaking to her about rejoining the caucus.

But she remains as outspoken as ever, criticizing Liberal cabinet ministers.

"Anne McLellan's not helping," added Ms. Parrish. "Every time I have the TV on there's a comment from her (that) 'we're not safe, we could be next.' What are we doing taunting people?"

If Carolyn Parrish had been in Parliament during either World War II, no doubt she'd have been screaming about the testosterone-filled Mountbatten sending Canadians to die at Dieppe, inflammatory remarks about Adolf Hitler and the Nazis being scoundrels and monsters, the casualties on Juno Beach and Ortona and Mackenzie King's taunts about U-boat attacks off Nova Scotia.

If and when Islamic terrorists attack, Carolyn Parrish will not have the shame or decency to shut up and eat crow, but will instead be the first one to the microphones to blame it on Paul Martin for sending troops to Afghanistan.

Martin would be a damn fool to take this viper back into his nest, which is why I hope he does at the earliest opportunity.

Source: Ottawa Citizen


Les Mackenzie said...

Since November 18th, 2004 Carolyn has been sitting as an Independent Member in the House of Commons because of her criticism of the Government’s ever deepening pro-American stance. She continues to serve the 120,000 residents of Mississauga-Erindale with energy, enthusiasm and dedication.

Taken from her website verbatim - I'm dizzy from the spin.

Blogette said...

I think Carolyn just likes attention. She likes to see her name in print, she likes people calling her asking her what she thinks. She is SO NOT WORTHY.
I think the only solution is toignore her and she will go away. I do it to houseplants all the time.


Mark said...