Friday, July 08, 2005

Carry On

According to The National Post and Al-Qaeda, Canada ranks high on the list to be hit next.

What would the response be if Al-Qaeda committed similar attacks in Canada?

The MSM often likes to depict people as living in fear, afraid to go about their normal routine after a terrorist attack occurs, vowing never to fly or ride the subway again. That's what the terrorists want, and the MSM obliges.

In reality, however, people are far more resilient than that. Life must go on, after all.

Christie Blatchford's column in the Globe and Mail shows that Londoners, with the Blitz and IRA bombings still in living public memory, are carrying on much as usual.

When SARS struck Toronto two years ago, despite the media hype about a city barricading itself against the 21st century Black Death, the vast majority of people went about their daily business as usual. They would do the same if Al-Qaeda bombed the TTC.

Life must go on.

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Mark said...

I don't know about that, Loyalist. SARS and train bombs are two entirely different things. Canada hasn't endured a terrorist attack of any kind on its soil yet, unlike the Brits or Irish, so it's not like we're used to violent acts being perpetrated on our ground. I think our response is highly suspect at the moment because we really haven't endured anything like it; it could be London-like, or it could be darker and more fearful.

Time WILL tell.