Monday, July 04, 2005

Terror Target: Canada

Associated Press punctures our smug sense of security that sitting on the sidelines of the war against Islamic terror and hectoring those fighting against it with self-righteous moral lectures has given Canada:

Though many view Canada as an unassuming neutral nation that has skirted terrorist attacks, it has suffered its share of aggression, and intelligence officials believe at least 50 terror groups now have some presence here.

They are from Sri Lanka, Kurdistan and points between and include supporters of some of the best-known Mideast groups, including al-Qaida, authorities say.

Osama bin Laden named Canada one of five so-called Christian nations that should be targeted for acts of terror. The others, reaffirmed last year by his al-Qaida network, were the United States, Britain, Spain and Australia.

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service, counterpart of the CIA, said terrorist representatives are actively raising money, procuring weapons, "manipulating immigrant communities" and facilitating travel to and from the United States and other countries.

Besides al-Qaida, those groups include Islamic Jihad; Hezbollah and other Shiite groups; Hamas, the Palestinian Force 17, Egyptian Al Jihad and various other Sunni groups from across the Middle East, CSIS said.

Of the five enemy "Christian nations", only Canada has not suffered a direct terrorist attack against its civilians or military personnel on its home soil or overseas. Yet.

Do people not realize that the frontlines of the war against Islamic terror are found everywhere a sympathizer offers material support to the cause?

Do they not realize that moral lectures about international law and Canada's historic role as peacekeeper to the world are no protection against a suicide bomber?

Unfortunately, the Liberal propaganda about Canada as a non-militaristic, hyper-tolerant society has been drummed into so many people's heads so solidly that an Al-Qaeda bomb would not destroy it.

I can only hope that if the worst happens, we will not surrender like the Spanish and re-elect a government of appeasers.

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