Saturday, July 16, 2005

Crackpottery Barn

We often denounce the looney leftists at Rabble and Democratic Underground for having lost all sense of reason and reality.

But that is to overstate the case.

There are crackpots on the Web whose delusions are far, far more unimaginably insane than Rabble and DU's denizens could ever be.

For today's instalment (if I continue the series), I submit for your reading pleasure
Kevyan Nourhaghighi, late of the Iranian Air Force, and Harold C. Funk, disbarred lawyer and noted Ottawa sidewalk pamphleteer.

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Major Nourhaghighi & General Bennett said...

Canadian Police know as CSIS and Attorny General have censored the Website of Right Honourable Major Keyvan Nourhaghighi, which was a simple political poetry asking for freedom of Ontario and objecting to murder of people by Toronto Police and TORTURE in Canada.

We wish American Forces instead of attacking to Afghanusatan and Iraq, welcome to Canada and help us to get freedom from this corrupt federalism! VIVA FREE ONTARIO