Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bare Justice

The Supreme Court of Canada has received much-deserved criticism and condemnation for its increasing arrogation of specific legislative power properly within the sphere of Parliament, especially in matters of social engineering.

But, to our knowledge, judicial arrogance has never been matched by judicial indecorum.

Until now:

Some Supreme Court judges seek relief from work stress in the comfort of their families. Others love nothing more than to curl up with a good book. And could it be, for at least one of them, a nude romp on the high seas was just the ticket?

The anonymous judge's alleged unconventional vacation choice -- a nude cruise -- came to light in a San Francisco Chronicle travel article in the spring. It quoted a co-owner of the Bare Necessities cruise line, Nancy Tiemann, as saying that its clientele include: "actors, bus drivers, Fortune 500 CEOs, soccer moms, doctors, teachers, priests and at least one Canadian Supreme Court justice."

The April 2 article said that 40,000 people have stripped down so far for Bare Necessities' 38 cruises, and that passengers "can choose to be nude anywhere -- in the pool, at the blackjack table, while singing karaoke -- with the exception of the formal dining room, where clothes are required."

Take a good look at the group photo of our nine learned Solomons. Try to imagine any of them on a nude cruise. And shudder.

But remember--they've already exposed their least attractive attributes for all to see in their decisions.

Source: Globe and Mail

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