Sunday, October 01, 2006

Paint By Numbers

With just over half of the Liberal leadership delegate selection meetings having reported, Michael Ignatieff maintains a strong but not insurmountable lead, with Bob Rae second, Stephane Dion a surprisingly strong third with Gerard Kennedy just in back of him.

The Blogging Tories' favourite, Joe Volpe, is languishing in sixth place, just behind Ken Dryden, but gratifyingly ahead of Scott Brison.

Martha Hall Findlay, not surprisingly, is dead last, but kudos to her for finally winning more support and respect in the party than Belinda Stronach.

Can Joe Volpe vault past Ken Dryden and at least claim a moral victory of sorts? It is clear now that even the kingmaker's role has been denied him.

Will Scott Brison blame anti-homosexual bigotry for his poor showing?

Who will be the final anybody-but-Iggy candidate?

Stay tuned.


Neo Conservative said...

What can you say about a political party that won't even scrape the Volpe off its shoes?

Anonymous said...

The Liberal that causes the least damage to Canada will hopefully win, just in case there are enough voters out there who endorse the crime and corruption of the Liberal agenda.

Liberal voters really don't seem to care for Canada at all.