Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hail To The Chief

The Ontario Provincial Police has been in desperate need of a credible commissioner ever since Gwen Boniface bungled the Caledonia situation, and now it's about to get the most credible one it can find:

Former London and Toronto police chief Julian Fantino will become the new commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police, replacing Gwen Boniface.

Government sources said Premier Dalton McGuinty would announce Fantino's appointment as the new head of the force by the end of this week.

Fantino's record speaks for itself; crime dropped in Toronto under his command, and he also stands by his men. He's about to get the last laugh on the Toronto leftists who used the drug squad scandal to force him out.

Source: London Free Press


Tory@york said...

This is exhilerating news. Fantino was one of the best police chiefs Toronto ever had, before he was forced out by Miller. He'll whip the OPP back into shape, and I'd love to see Millers face when he hears the news

Aaron Unruh said...

"...and he also stands by his men."

This can also be a problem. What police forces in Canada need now is accountability, especially in the wake of the various idiocies of the RCMP. Having a die-hard defender of the force and opponent of civilian oversight like Fantino in charge will very likely aggravate the situation.

neo said...

Dalton McGuinty, man of many words... all of them "weasel".

Keeping Julian Fantino really busy keeps him out of the political arena... and not as a Liberal, which scares Dalton dry. Chief Fantino is no asskisser as Dalton will soon find out.