Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Party Of One

There's not much more I can add to the chorus of bloggers who have been commenting about Garth Turner's suspension from the Conservative caucus, except to make two quick observations:

1. I thought this should have happened much sooner than now.

2. Better that the suspension come at the hands of his fellow caucus members than the prime minister. It's a decision of his colleagues, who've worked with him and had to worry about what confidences he might break to make a headline, instead of one man imposing rigid party discipline from the top.


Anonymous said...

"The government will not tolerate statements that create dissonance in our society and disrespect for others."

What was that about a democratic deficit?

Jack said...

You're right and "anonymous" is wrong.

Canada works on a party system and there is no room for a "man of the people".

Unless of course you consider that the Conservative party is a "party of the people" and we can't excuse MP's who try to do it differently (for whatever reason).

Anonymous said...

Better to boot his "wide-load" ass out of caucus now then wait for him to choose a crucial moment and pull a "Belinda" as he was no doubt considering.
The Liberals will kiss his ass and wipe away his tears and make him feel like a big man by inventing some important sounding job for him.
Their loss.

Anonymous said...

I was just pointing out that Tory promises to elimate the "democratic deficit", have MP's represent their riding and not their party (or Ottawa), and the Tories use to call back bench Liberals "trained seals". I guess all that was just electioneering tripe for the masses.

But, it's the Conservatives doing this instead of the Liberals, so I guess I am wrong and you are right.

So now my friends dissonance and disagreement is no longer acceptable.

Anyone remember that line about the new boss?

Anonymous said...

Well at least now we won't have to see Garth pretending that Israel excites him more than his own riding does.