Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Tory's Suicide Mission

As support for the Ontario PCs in Toronto remains flatlined, John Tory has decided to run next election in Don Valley West.

The riding fits Tory's personal profile perfectly: rich, smug, and liberal right through.

Kathleen Wynne should have little difficulty defeating him. A real Liberal (and a lesbian at that) will always beat the faux Conservative white guy.

And we can get on to replacing him in 2008.


Nicol DuMoulin said...

I do not agree with all of John Tory's policies but I do not think him a typical 'smug' politico type.

I encountered him in the Manulife Centre in Toronto after he lost the mayoral election and spoke to him. He did not brush me off and was very considerate and approachable. He also does much charity work.

Perhaps he wants to lose so he can jump to Federal politics.

Road Hammer said...

I love Claire Hoy's take on John Tory's acceptance by the Toronto establishment: "He's the right kind of Conservative, which is to say, he's not."

Joan Tintor said...

Don't think so. Tory will crush her like a bug.