Friday, October 13, 2006

Liberals: Some Of Our Best Friends Are Jews

If there were no truth to the charge that the Liberal Party's leadership candidates are anti-Israel, or at least pandering to the strong anti-Israel currents within party ranks, the candidates would have felt no need to dignify it with comment.

But now that everyone is scrambling to deny it, we know now that it's true:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper yesterday accused the Liberal Party of an anti-Israeli bias, charging that Michael Ignatieff's comment that Israel committed a war crime against Lebanon this summer reflects the leanings of most Liberal leadership candidates.

All the major contenders for the Liberal leadership quickly criticized Mr. Harper for lobbing "insults" and "lies." Beyond the anti-Conservative solidarity, murmurs were growing within the party about whether Mr. Ignatieff's style might prove a liability if he leads the Liberals in an election.

"This is consistent with the anti-Israeli position that has been taken by virtually all of the candidates for the Liberal leadership," the Prime Minister said about Mr. Ignatieff's remarks that an Israeli strike on the Lebanese village of Qana that killed 28 civilians was a war crime. "I don't think it's helpful or useful."


A visibly angry Bob Rae, noting that his wife and children are Jewish, said he has been associated with the Jewish community his entire life and likened Mr. Harper's comments to accusing an opponent of being anti-Catholic. He said it is dangerous "to suggest there is a pro-Israel party in Canada and an anti-Israel party in Canada."

"It's untrue. It's a big lie. It's a big smear. And it isn't going to work on me. And if he thinks he can get away with it, he's sadly mistaken," Mr. Rae said.

Ah, Bob, isn't that just a new spin on the old "some of my best friends are Jewish" line?

Continue reading further sputterings of outrage here.

One question that hasn't been raised in all this mess is whether the increasingly anti-Israeli, if not anti-Jewish, sentiments in the Liberal Party might have to do with the Grits' own dependence on manipulating ethnic blocs; specifically, whether they've become so beholden to the Muslim vote in the big cities that they have to throw their Jewish supporters overboard.

They can read demographics as well as anyone: Muslims overtook Jews in the 2001 decennial census for the first time in Canada, and their numbers continue to grow.

And maybe Michael Ignatieff's comments were geared not just towards nailing down his vulnerable left flank, but also proving his academic bona fides in case he loses and needs to bolt back to Harvard.


Joanne (True Blue) said...

Great post and very interesting observation. I just linked to you.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Ah... Tried to link, anyway.

Maybe it's time to look into getting Beta.

Alberta Girl said...

I sat shaking my head yesterday watching Jane Taber on Mike Duffy call SH comments a "drive by smear" and then she and all the liberals she had on there sputtered with righteous indignation over this comment trying to deny they felt this way.

My take - they had to jump on this because they wanted to take the light away from the announcement on crime because they knew they would be slammed over it.

I for one am really getting angry over the very obvious bias the MSM is showing. Is this payback for having to cave over the list.

vicki said...

Jane Taber looks like she didn't sleep all night ...she is so delighted(squirming in her seat) that this is "helping Iggy"...???Only mention in passing that he has 'changed his mind' about flip-flopped, or Jane he's your hero...(BTW she is also looking very 'Belinda' these days with that haircut...but I digress...)
What really bugs Libs and Janey-poo: Harper has a very clear, firm grasp of foreign affairs, evidenced by his UN speech, and stand in Belgium.
Libs are so self centred they can't make up their minds without checking the polls.
Did the UN and speech and Belgium get this much attention?
I would rather not listen to the media bias, but we have to check in once in a while to get a dose of their garbage to be aware of what others are listening to.
alberta girl...that is so right about distracting from the good news about pending crime legislation.

Steve said...

Great post!

It is interesting that when some conservatives point to anti-semitism as an underlying factor behind the anti-Israel positions common among the left, the usual rebuttal is that to criticize Israel does not mean one is anti-semitic. Yet, Bob Rae defends himself with the converse of that same logic. How could he be anti-Israel when he and his family are partly Jewish?

Ever heard of a self-loathing Jew Bob?

Anonymous said...

What Harper said was EXTREMELY low. Cmon guys... the whole liberal gov't anti-Israel? Iggy there is a professor at Harvard, wouldn't you think he has some sort of better sense on what is going out there? He said it was a war crime.. which is correct. He has the balls to tell the truth. it's not anti-semetic. It's not anti-israel. It is the truth. He's blaming both sides. Not just one.

The MP who quit Iggy's group there, was blaming Lebanon for kidnapping two soldiers and said its Lebanon's fault. Did anyone hear about the two doctors Israel kidnapped the day before? NOPE. Kidnapping does not justify the full blown out war Israel did right after and killing tons of innocent civilians.

So, Mr Harper, watch what you say. Think with your head next time.

"Expert" Tom said...


'...the whole liberal gov't anti-Israel?'

Sorry to tell you but the Liberals aren't the government anymore. I never get tired of saying that. :-)

alberta girl said...

um - anony, sweetie - it is Steven Harper who tells the truth and the left isn't used to truth so they immediately begin denying, denying, denying and huff and puff trying to be all things to all people. It's called flip flopping and it has been finely crafted by the liberal party and all those who are running for it's leadership.

People respect direct and honest answers and Stephen Harper has shown that he answers questions from those in the media who look for any way to discredit him.

Jubi said...

Anonymous said

"the whole liberal gov't anti-Israel? " Can you read the quaote again? Here it is:

"This is consistent with the anti-Israeli position that has been taken by virtually all of the candidates for the Liberal leadership,"

First point, the Liberals are no longer "the Government".

Second point, "...candidates for the Liberal leadership" does not constitute the Liberal govenrment you are alluding to.

Third point, "Iggy the Harvard professor" doesn't make what he utters the truth. I find his whole position on Israel insulting since he panders to his audience rather than taking a principled stance.

Fourth point, "kidnapping does not justify full blown war" , however daily rocket attacks does and cowardly hiding behind women and children while lauching these rocket attacks is indefensible even to you I suppose...

Do you want more information ? Your arrogance to muse that SH watch what you say is a bit rich , ain't it ?

Anonymous said...

its funny to watch Fiberal indignation. This from the party (with the NDPinheads) that continue to call conservatives "mean spirited", "heartless" blah blah blah. Seems they can dish it out but sure can't take it, especially when their words and actions clearly show their anti-Israel (not to mention their anti-US) bias.

Mark said...

Thanks DD for taking this one on. I was gonna cram out a diatribe but you have some great food for thought already posted.

In short, what occurs to me is there is no difference in the Liberals of old and the "new" faces. They have no principles and flip-flop as the public mood changes. The daily shift in (non)position in the Liberal brass day over day during the recent Isr-Hez war made me dizzy.

I hope Canadians see through their opportunism.

Anonymous said...

The Liberals are trying to hide the fact that their party is splitting over this issue. What Harper said is true. That is why Ariela Cotler & Susan Kadis both quit in the last two days. And why Heather Wiesman & Izzy Asper bailed earlier. Iggy, Louise Arbour and their ilk have taken over the Liberal party, and Harper's comments are meant to prevent the Liberals from papering over this split.