Thursday, October 26, 2006

Singularly Plural

I could almost hear John Lennon droning Imagine in the background somewhere when I read this press release disguised as a news story:

Canada's tolerant, multicultural values need to be adopted worldwide, the Aga Khan said yesterday as he and Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced the creation of a new Global Centre for Pluralism in Ottawa.

Housed in the former war museum not far from the Prime Minister's residence, it will act as an international centre for promoting the concept that diverse ethnic, cultural, racial and religious groups can co-exist in harmony without compromising their identities.


The federal government has contributed $30 million and the Aga Khan Development Network, which is taking out a long-term lease from the government on the one-time war museum, will put in an equal amount to fund the centre and refurbish the museum.

Wonder why this didn't get noticed underneath all the brouhaha about the Court Challenges Program and Status of Women?

Source: Toronto Star

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