Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hoist By His Own Petard

Garth Turner's indiscreet blogging of caucus confidences led to his ouster from the Conservative caucus, so it's no surprise that his own indiscreet blogging about crossing the floor has just kept him from joining--and even hijacking--the Green Party:

Since National Newswatch first reported that Garth Turner would soon announce his decision to join the Green Party, sources tell us that he has been bombarded with emails from readers reminding him of something he wrote in the past. And that something?

See the two statements below, made by Turner on his blog when Mr. Emerson crossed the floor to join the Conservative Party:

"I am a democrat who believes everyone in the House of Commons, including the cabinet members who make up the government, should be elected. They should sit in Parliament as they were elected. If they decide to change parties, they should go and get re-elected".

"Anybody who switches parties should go back to the people. To do otherwise is to place politicians above the people when, actually, it’s the other way around".


National Newswatch has in its possession a recording of a radio interview that Garth Turner did early Tuesday with a relatively unknown talk show host in Atlantic Canada. During that interview, among other things, Turner was asked if he was going to join the Green Party. Turner responded by saying there were two major options, (Green and Independent) and pointed to thousands of emails he received from people all across Canada. Thousands of which had yet to be opened...

"The edge" on all of that, he said, was, "People asking me to really explore the opportunity of staying as an independent, at least for a period of time."

Turner then noted that he was very critical of Mr. Emerson when he crossed the floor to accept a cabinet position in the Conservative government. " I felt that he (David Emerson) snubbed democracy," Turner told CJCH radio host, Rick Howe.

Incredible. Garth Turner, now elevated by his own acclaim to conscience of the nation, shamed by his legions of e-mail votaries into sitting as just another independent beside Andre Arthur.

Perhaps the two of them could form their own party, but there's probably only room for one egotistical publicity hound.

Source: National Newswatch

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