Monday, November 20, 2006

Curious George

Surely the media and the opposition Liberals will raise a terrific outcry against this unsolicited and unwarranted intrusion into Canadian politics by this meddling foreign interloper:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's foreign policy strategy is a joke and is causing Canada to be hated around the world, British politician George Galloway said Monday.

The notorious member of parliament, known for his outspoken views against the Iraq war, said Harper's actions at the APEC summit in Hanoi show he lacks diplomacy skills and doesn't understand Canada's place in the world.

Harper had a difficult time arranging a meeting with the Chinese president, which many experts said was a snub for the government's continued criticism of China's foreign policy.


Galloway also weighed in on Canada's Liberal leadership contest, saying that "Anyone but Ignatieff" is a common slogan in British politics.

Galloway's skills as a diplomatic negotiator speak for themselves. As does his expertise in avoiding embarrassing media situations.

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Anonymous said...

'Curious George' is known far and wide as 'Georgeous George' in the UK. He is almost universally considered to be a lunatic--kind of a Taliban Jack++