Friday, November 03, 2006

Lost In Translation

The MSM would like us all to believe that Omar Khadr was merely an innocent Canadian boy caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, or at worst, a slightly misguided juvenile delinquent whose tendencies ran towards the political as opposed to the merely criminal.

But now that the U.S. has given more details about why he's been enjoying their hospitality at Guantanamo Bay, that line will be even more difficult to maintain:

Omar Khadr, the only Canadian imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay, was working as a translator in Afghanistan for a man described as a senior al-Qaeda leader, his eldest brother said -- a revelation that may solve the mystery of why the U.S. government has maintained such an unusual interest in the young Toronto-born man.

At the time Omar was captured by American forces in Afghanistan in 2002, he was a translator for Abu Laith al-Libi, according to statements made to the RCMP by Abdullah Khadr.

Libi is best known for declaring that Osama bin Laden remained "in good health" during the invasion of Afghanistan by coalition forces after the 9/11 terrorist attacks and for rallying Taliban fighters to renew their attacks on Western targets.

He has since become a spokesman in Afghanistan for al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups, according to foreign news accounts.

The fact that Libi remains at large and continues to exhort violence on behalf of al-Qaeda -- including a call earlier this year for a continued holy war to reinstate the Taliban regime -- likely adds urgency to the interest U.S. authorities have in Omar.

Libi could be the key to finding Osama bin Laden, or as is increasingly likely, Osama bin Laden's remains. If for no other reason, the U.S. should be pumping Omar Khadr dry for all the information he's got. Even if every word of it turns out to be a lie, including, "a", "an" and "the."

Source: National Post

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